Is 50 Cent Afraid of New York?

 |  August 1, 2007

By: Rizoh

      50 Cent will soon be ditching his New York home to seek greener pastures in the U.K.

Fif told The London Lite that he loves London so much he’s about to buy a crib there.
      “It’s a crazy city,” said 50, “the parties are wild and the women are hot!” But it’s not just hot women that have been driving him to the other side of the Atlantic. Gossip insiders specifically linked the G-Unit chief to model Danielle Lloyd a while ago.

      Curtis politely denies any romantic involvement with Danielle. “Danielle is a gorgeous girl but I am most definitely 100 per cent single right now. I don’t have time for relationships with my job. I’m on the road all the time doing my thing and having fun, I don’t want to be tied down right now.”

      Somewhere in Atlanta, Ciara just bit a coffee table.

  • astrogreen

    You scared punk ass pussy! How the fuck you gon run NY and you don’t even live there? Just make sure you dont stop in Harlem on your way out. Cuuuurtis!

  • Yunghood

    how does that say he afraid of NY? all dat article said was the ni99a is rich as hell and he movin to london . . if u from da hood.. wats ya #1 goal?? to get out and dats what he doin.. dont hate ni99az

  • MurdaP

    That nigga 50 got Long Money and homie i cant knock ya drive homie the man got 100 mil of water if i was him id buy a fucking country and name that bitch G-Unit

  • astrogreen

    THe point is, moving is fine, but be loyal to your hometown. Keep the house in New york. And step your weak ass rap game up.

  • Knowledge3

    Point is FIfty been on some bullshit for a minute, All of New York at the fucking projects, His rep been a little iffy for awhile. He can do what do just don’t rap about runing a city you abandon at the drop of a hat. F^ck dat

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    The funny thing about 50 is he dont care what none of us have say. two words folks…..HE’S RICH….HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

  • astrogreen

    You’re right he doesn’t care. But why would we listen to someone who only cares about money and not the advancement of our black community? Hip-Hop to rappers might be about money, but to the audience we need what betters us because we dont get their money.

  • spynonu

    nigga what?

  • astrogreen

    Read it again slowly.

  • G-unit Soldier187

    nigga more than half the people in the black community don’t care about the black community so why be mad him about it……………..why on every thing that have to do with 50 you are on it with a comment.

  • dopa4

    50 could do what he want the nigga who wrote this article probably a dipset fan them none rappin ass niggas fuck what youll say its the unit get wit it or get lost

  • cali9

    50 is the nigga–his word choice puzzles the everyday nigga–like askin why you ant in the hood anymore—why the fuck would any1 be in the hood with a net worth of round 300 mill–ok be hood and stand on the block–while i go get that money across seas—-

  • chattwon

    this nigga is scared of fat joe