By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Word is that Chris Brown who is nothing but a mere child has been caught up in a romantic relationship with his manager, former Def Jam A&R who is possibly closer in age to his Momma than him. You know all those fans will be heated when they learn that cutie Chris has got a chick after all. And word is his Momma is not impressed with this news at all. I bet she already been on the phone to Ushers momma

  • chrisbrownzwifey691

    I Hope That Anit True

  • Ms. Nic

    Molesting children is against the law…That woman needs to be ashamed of herself. lol

  • hollywoodhottie

    Tina Davis? Oh my……

  • showtyme180

    what DO THAT SHIT CHRIS like you did it for t.v!!!only if she look proper do!
    oh yea strap up my DU!
    you never noo!

  • 1718Poppy

    I believe it. That young nigga got all that money all the women is going to want him. From Grandmothers to your Mother fuck it my mother. I heard that nigga is having her baby.

  • GoodInc

    that was me homes.

  • Will the Thrill

    I like older women too!!!