|  February 28, 2009


After a little vaca down in Mexico word on the street is that Rih Rih is standing by her man as she and Breezy are shacked up in some pad of Diddy’s in Miami trying to sort out their differences. (Note Diddy just has to be involved right) Chris Brown’s appearance in an LA court has been pushed back due to the DA needing more time to gather evidence it was revealed earlier this week, but will these two young lovers even get to court? I am sure if the couple are actually together Rihanna’s father and many of her fans won’t be jumping for joy. Can’t help thinking God help Chris though if he ever tries to dump her, she is going to hang this over his head forever especially if they have reconciled. Two wrongs just don’t make a right. But I guess he has a career to save and she is in lurve.
Also anyone familiar with a dude called Dimitri van Doorn? This COULD be a twist in this R&B tale of Romeo and Juliet if what sources are saying is correct. More on this once I do my investigating.