Is It Too Late For Papoose?

 |  April 25, 2011

Papoose and Drake had quite a few things in common, they both started off with alot of buzz, both gained tremendous momentum and both had promise of being rap superstars. Right now Drake is the international superstar and Papoose`s rap career is in question. Fortunately Papoose still has some faith in himself, he recently spoke about his planned comeback with MTV:

“The reason why I called the mixtape The 2nd Coming is because when I first came in the scene, I shook the ground, I had the whole industry petrified, I took a million-plus. This time I’m coming back, it’s going to be even worse. Y’all know what I did before. See what I did; now, round two…I feel like l’m more mature now and I got a lot more to offer the game than what I had back then. So I’m glad my album didn’t come. Now with my album coming out, I think I’m well-prepared. This mixtape will really show a first-time listener what hip-hop represents.” (MTV)

In 2009 iHipHop spoke to DJ Kay Slay about Papoose`s situation and he was quoted as saying

“We have way more than enough songs; we just haven’t found the right situation. We thought we had the right situation, but there were stupid motherf*ckas in positions that didn’t know how to work with an artist like that — so there [were] creative control conflicts, because I was like, ‘We ain’t doing that! This ain’t why y’all brought us up here.’ You see, that’s what happens: When they get you, then you have some other n*ggas with some big-brained scheme, and then I’ll ask a motherf*cker, ‘When is the last time you been to Brooklyn? What record is Papoose most known for? Where’s he performing at this week?’ They don’t know nothing about him, but they have all these d*ckhead ideas… And that’s the reason why sh*t wasn’t working.” (iHipHop)

I never thought Papoose had superstar potential but I didnt think he would fall off like he did, what do you think? Is it too late for his “second coming”?

  • Donp

    aint nobody caring about him now he washed up plus when he rap his voice make the speakers distort thats why he never blew

  • Cool

    Yeah there's definitely a thing called overexposure, He put out so much material everyone just got tired of hearing him.