Is Juelz Santana A Terrorist?

 |  November 14, 2011

The Taliban, Al Qaeda, and now Dipset. According to TMZ Juelz Santana whose real name is LeRon James was arrested on Thursday for suspicion of making terrorist threats as well as disorderly conduct after he refused to let the 5 0 search his Bentley. The cops wouldn’t specify what the threats were exactly but I bet Juelz was just riding dirty with a ridiculous amount of that loud pack in the whip, didn’t want to have it confiscated by the man so he probably blew up and started talking all that Murda Murda sh*t and how he knows a guy named Killa Cam, thus leaving the authorities no choice but to believe Juelz Santana must be a terrorist. He was later released on $46,500 bail, but lets be honest here, the real story is the fact that Juelz’s real name is only a B away from LeBron James’ name. Anyways America’s latest terrorist threat took to twitter to tell his side of the story.



  • John Williams J-Dub

    probably true wat happen!!