When Saigon appeared on Entourage in 2005, his potential was limitless.  2007 seemed like the year Sai-Giddy would finally blow; he was co-signed by Just Blaze, scouted by Atlantic Records, and even released a single featuring Jay-Z.  Yet the year came and went and The Greatest Story Never Told was never released, as the album’s back-story was filled with controversy ranging from false retirement claims to disputes in which Saigon publicly compared his label to slave masters.  In March, Saigon said that he refused to play by anyone rules, threw a fit, and was luckily released from Atlantic with his masters intact.  After releasing a lackluster mixtape last year, Saigon remained out of the public eye, lending his voice to several guest appearances, but staying relatively low key.
Today, Saigon came out of the woodwork to announce that he will release an EP tentatively titled, The Yardfather’s Prologue, next week and follow it up with the long awaited Greatest Story Never Told in February.  Taking to Facebook, Saigon wrote, “the Full Length LP is coming February but I cant make my Nation wait that long.. I haven’t put out any music for a whole year and that was Warning Shots 2 which was super subpar for ME… It was a nice check though. New EP coming NEXT WEEK ‘The Yardfather’s Prologue’ is the tentative title…. I need a title for my new EP so if U think U have a dope title… Send it in.”  He went on to add that the only reason he released Warning Shots 2 was because Amalgam Digital offered him $50,000, so he threw together the mixtape in barely any time.
It’s good to hear Saigon will actually put out this fabled album because he’s a great lyricist with a tremendous flow, but by this point a lot of fans have stopped checking for him.  Could delaying a finished album four years, damage the product’s relevance?  Possibly, but in my opinion, Saigon’s 2009 collaboration with Statik Selektah (All In A Day’s Work) is an underground classic, so if he managed to craft an album that’s anywhere near that caliber, The Greatest Story Never Told could withstand the test of time.  Then again, when you push an album back this long you run the risk of setting listeners’ expectations so high that they can’t help but get let down…so when’s Papoose’s album dropping…Detox anyone?

  • Jellybean

    We can only hope that
    “Greatest Story Never Told”
    lives up to the hype….
    The Saigon Interview on hip hop Co-sign (2007)
    he said that the album was revolutionary,
    a 5 and1/2 mics album. Better than Illmatic even.
    I can't wait till Valentines day 2011 to see the proof…I hope so..
    We need sump'n fresh, he can rap that's fo sure…
    He finished Jump-off Joe on “Pushing Buddens”.
    I can't hardly wait..

  • Urboyo

    If you like Waka Flocka then no its not relevant, but if your a fan of some old fashioned hip hop with conceptual material and some quality lyrics with some Just blaze beats then yea its pretty relevant. I'll definitley cop this.