|  January 29, 2009


Ok so technical issues had me missing out on some top stories yesterday so we are going to have to play a game of catch up. First off, TI is getting 150,000 for nightclub appearances these days and judging by this pic you can understand why. Looks like Tip is bringing some sort of Chippendale feel to his show with the whole crotch exposure.
Looks like he is struggling a lil to find whatever it is he is looking for though in the shot below? Oh yeah and the 150 g fee is just to roll through the club and hang out in the VIP area for a couple of hours, if he is to perform then its a bit more.
That’s getting paid. Expect to see Tip in a club near you very soon.

  • kairosrain

    poor dog. he’s desperately seeking buzz. i thought selling million records are enough?

  • missteeq

    whatta bush.

  • partypeeps

    i bet he didn’t find his lil stuff

  • funkyweb

    and that lil stuff says… peek-a-boo!