|  February 6, 2009


As Julie Greeenwald moves on up the ladder at Atlantic Records to fill the role of Chairman and Chief Operations Officer there is a little whisper that her successor as President at the label which was formed in 1947 might just be one of Atlantic’s Hip-Hop acts, currently the biggest seller on their roster, Clifford Harris. In a recent interview with MTV when questioned about the empty seat in the Atlantic Boardroom TI said when asked about the position that “it is among the realm of possibilities.” However with a one year sentence impending for his attempts at purchasing machine guns in 2007 that might be a bit of a problem for the label IF TI was in fact an actual prospect.
Of course TI wouldn’t be the first person to go from the booth to the boardroom as we have seen Jay Z, Jim Jones, Jermaine Dupri and plenty more switch roles. Sources at Atlantic declined to comment on the internal Presidential Campaign they have no going on since Greenwald’s promotion was announced yesterday, but it is worth noting that Ms Greenwald is a HUGE fan of TI’s business acumen.

  • dimlight

    TI got the talent to run a business as big as Atlantic

  • ethan_babe

    Why not make a reality show out from this huh? The Next Chairman and Chief Operations Officer of Atlantic Records. Everybody are capitalizing in this kind of set-up – from looking a band member to finding the best ordinary hairdresser. Sure, they will be getting lots of followers if such reality show for that will be created.

  • kenya1986

    to ethan_babe: lol, nice thought. The public just love reality shows!

  • goodygood

    to ethan_babe: nice try dude. hope atlantic will your idea.

  • rockNroll1991

    TI is the man for this! He will make it big. The guy got the talent and the skill.