By: Rizoh
      The Game, who recently released an entire album dedicated to Dr. Dre, has unleashed a new track supposedly dissing his former mentor. On the new track titled "Breathe Eazy," the erstwhile Aftermath signee raps, "Ask Dre who the next ni**a/ If he don’t say the west coast Don/ I’ma have to DMX ni**as/ Bark on him, let the .38 spark on him/ Let him take his last breath, then put the chalk on him."
      Sounds like a cry for attention from a man whose Doctor’s Advocate LP is permeated with a gazillion Dr. Dre shoutouts?
 You be the judge: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


    awe man…damn

  • Tony GT

    IT’S ON!! lol DRE vs. GAME i think lol

  • Tima

    Ok let me get this straight first The “Game” makes a whole cd on another Niggz (which I swear women make tracks about other guys) even though I give respect b/c Dre. was a role model but now Game is coming out first with a low blow in the first verse for Dre. and then your saying you have compittion with Kayne and so on man I’m confused if you wanna be the next big rapper what the hell are saying? Are you good or are you Not? Well don’t ask me Game cuz I want my name on a track. To the rest of the rappers that were named on the “Breathe Eazy” Track well atleast your names are being sold. Tima (lol) Game was the perfect name for this guy.

  • Tima

    I don’t want my name on a track*

  • geemack

    another bum ass

  • Diab1o(623)

    Man I’ve been hearing this shit for a while… I don’t think it’s a diss. I think people are jus tryin’ to jump at this chance to say it is… It say’s DMX NIGGAS. That’s more than one person. And what if HIM means EM’ u know like sayin them? Untill he says its a diss i don’t believe it… Time will tell.