J. Cole On His Supposed Sextape With Rihanna…

 |  September 8, 2011

No swag.  Cole needed this look.  His music as of late has been a snoozefest.  Plus we live in a culture that values your ability to have a well known sextape more than having any redeeming qualities.  That is why Kim K is caking while your boy J. Cole is slumming out here trying to get that rap money.  Step it up J. Cole!


  • Spock

    Thats some great responsible advice Sam. Great Stuff. How old are??

  • precise

    Did this site turn into a blog? Nobody cares about your opinion on J.Cole, we have twitter we see this

  • Itjersey82

    J Cole is thethe illest rapper alive right now. He wont ever get the respect he deserves. Even his “snoozefest” joints are better then half the rap records out right now