|  January 27, 2009


James Yancey, more commonly known to the masses as J Dilla was one of the most respected producers of his generation. His death was a huge loss not only to the Yancey family but to Hip-Hop’s true connoisseurs. But when someone involved in the music industry passes away there always seems to be people in the background getting rich off what should be family money. In the case of J Dilla, his family are yet to see anything from his estate as lawyers who handled the mans affairs both before and after death are saying all the money is owed to the IRS.
Now you would think that if this company was repping Dilla before his death, they would not have let his payments to the IRS fall behind? A recent interview with Q-Tip, a close family friend of the Yancey’s, exposed the problems Dilla’s Mom and daughters are facing in regards to the estate of the producer. The eldest daughter of the rapper allegedly only began to see money from her Father’s estate once legal action was taken against Arty Erk, J Dilla’s accountant.