Seems like a lot of rappers are going the literary route: writing memoirs and such. Jadakiss on an interview with, talks more about his I Love You mixtape as well as his upcoming projects, which are two books.

One’s like a memoir of the lyrics, more how the lyrics affect the kids, from a younger aspect,” he told Young Jack Thriller. “Memoirs is from the jail side of it, the other one is gonna be for the high school kids. Maybe elementary and on.Sounds interesting.

He also talks about misconceptions concerning his image, “[People think] that I’m mean. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Jadakiss also sheds light on the best advice he ever received. “Keep my mouth shut, perfect any craft I want to perfect. Try to learn as much as about it as you could… Stay suckerfree and you’ll be a’ight.” Jadakiss also goes into detail about talking about his soft spot; his fans. The mixtape is “a pre-packaged form of music,” and also his gift to his fans.

Watch the video below to see the rest of the interview