Jay Electonica tweets his perspective on the whole Libya situation.  Apparently there has been a revolution or something or going on over there while respectable Americans have been watching videos of Waka Flocka pour champagne on strippers.  Any who Jay Elec insinuates that the revolution occurring in Libya is merely a covert CIA operation and tells us not to listen to the media.  Thanks bruh bruh!

Sidebar:  Someone tell Jay the feds are watching tweets!

Interesting that the leader of the revolt in Libya spent his last 20 years in LANGLEY VIRGINIA. Guess where the CIA hq is? Just google Khalifa Hifter and think why was this Libyan, who is NOW THE LEADER OF THE “so called libyan uprising” in Langley VA for 20 yrs.  Is this a CIA driven revolt?  CNN BBC AL JAZEERA would like us all to believe that this movement is headed by the innocent Libyans who suffered under Gadaafi.  Well at least WE KNOW the leader wasn’t suffering under Gadaafi for the last 2 decades. HE was in safe good American CIA hands.  Its like if David Koresh defected to CHINA for 20 years & came to Texas to start an uprising among americans. …Then once the revolt started & The President sent troops to stop them, CHINA said on the news that they would invade if USA try to stop it.  Of course ppl have suffered in Libya at the hands of the government. Have ppl suffered in America at the hands of the government?  Imagine what America would be like if in the 60’s China & Russia and NATO told america if y’all touch the black panthers we will invade.  There are a large number of ppl in the states who feel just as oppressed and victimized as the dissatisfied of Libya.  They have been killed, oppressed, and ignored by the wealthy and ruling class.  So are Nato & other Nations justified in backing them with military aid, and insisting that the US Govt turn over power to the revolters?  And how can the US UK & Nato say “we recognize the revolters as the true authority in Libya, so Gadaafi get out”?  Remember when America was good friends w Sadaam. good friends with Bin Laden. good friends with Gadaafi?  what if Libya’s MAJOR export was corn? would America Nato and Britain be this concerned with the affairs of little ol Libya?  Who will be next AFTER Libya?  “First Rule in this world baby… don’t believe ANYTHING you see on the news” – Kanye West.  This just in… why don’t you google “What countries DO NOT have Central Banks?”  according to the Bible and Quran and other Religious Scripture, the WHOLE WORLD has been deceived by Satan. does that include you?  A Decade after The Bush-Gore Election Scandal (in Jeb Bush Governed Florida), 9/11, The War in Iraq where We Were Lied To About WMD’s…and we STILL trust CNN and BBC? Why would we? What would be the logical reason to continue to trust these sources?  Remember when CNN & BBC showed us EXACTLY where Sadaam had the Weapons Of Mass Destruction?  also, if we LEARNED that there were no WMD’s there, which is THE REASON THEY SAID WE WENT, why are WE STILL THERE?  Good thing they are being honest for once about Libya & Gadaafi.  I’m sure the ppl of Libya will be just as happy and better off as the people of Iraq are now.