No one is safe. 

Boy, oh boy. So according to Media TakeOut, a computer hacked eased his way into the Carter’s financial records, and posted some information online. Some of the information for Jay-Z is as followed:

– He owes about $800K on a $5.6M on his mortgage on his Tribeca penthouse apartment
– He owes about $235K on his American Express card.
– He has an old $800 telephone bill in collections.

As for Beyonce, the information shows that she is current on all of her mortgages and has 30K credit line on her HSBC credit card.

TMZ has also learned that the Carters aren’t the only victims of this hacker, with celebrities like Donald Trump, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Kim Kardashian, Vice President Joe Biden and more also being effected.  The LAPD as well as the FBI has already launched investigations into the matter.