By: Hot Gossip Gal

      I mean for real what is that about? The two share a crib in New Jersey and not only that, looks like Hove got a lil mad with the Chiefs running back for starring in Fantasia’s recent video. Hmm I mean well yeah that isn’t really the job for a multi million dollar football player is it..but then neither is sharing a crib with your boy.

  • Fresh2Death219

    they both got dough. Gaurentee they be bussin broads down at that crib. Ones the best rappere in history and the othe r is in the top three in the best running back catergory. Niggas is haters

  • Knowledge3

    Broads or no Broads two dudes wit dough sharing a crib in Jersey just don’t sound right. But i bet the groupies don’t care

  • moneyoverbitches

    face down ass up

  • misscracker

    All i have to say is PARTE’ house biiiitch!!!!!