Jay-Z Maybe Said J. Cole’s Album Was A Classic…Probably Won’t Be On The Album

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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 at 6:55 pm
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You gotta love how ambiguous this Rap-Up story on J. Cole is.  Pretty much Jay-Z might of said the album is a classic.  However, even though Jay-Z maybe thinks the album is classic he might not even be on it?  That does not really add up to me.  Hov is probably too busy counting that Willow Smith money to be worried about dropping a verse on a J. Cole album.  Although the hypebeasts will tell you otherwise I’m not so sure J. Cole’s career is in a great place right now.  I’m a fan, but Cole is under the control of people who care about profits not making nifty rap music.  Hopefully Cole can find a way to please everybody…

Jay’s protégé had the daunting task of playing the album for his Roc Nation boss. “When I played him the album, I could gauge his response not on what he said, but what his vibe was,” Cole exclusively tells Rap-Up.com. “I linked up with [Roc Nation executive] Rich Kleiman and he said he was with Jay-Z later that night. Out of nowhere, Jay said, ‘So Cole got a classic. That motherfucker.’”

As of last Friday, the album was 99 percent done. “I still have to finish up interludes, tweaking mixes, and features that I’m trying to make happen.”

One of those potential features is his mentor, though Cole isn’t stressing if schedules don’t permit half of The Throne to be on the album. “We’ll see. It’s very possible that he might not be on it. I feel like it’s dope as hell though,” he shares.

“The whole world knows that J. Cole is waiting on a Jay-Z verse, but if it don’t happen, it don’t happen. But how ill is it that thealbum is called The Sideline Story, which is a metaphor for me trying to get off the bench, and I’m waiting for the nod from the coach?

  • Jay

    You couldn't be further from the truth, jackass!

  • Jay

    You couldn't be further from the truth, jackass!

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