Jay-Z Tears Down the UK

 |  June 28, 2008

jayz600.jpgThe Hip-Hop Journalist Reporting From the UK– Whoever said Hip-Hop had no place at Glastonbury in the UK was talking more shit that George W. Jay Z kicked ass as the headliner this year at the notorious UK festival. With resident hype man Memphis Bleek by his side and armed with an arsenal of classic Jigga joints the Marcy man had over 100,000 fans all displaying the roc as he was backed up by a serious light show.Not sure what the deal was with the 80’s shades or the bald look but no-one was giving a shit about style. It was all about music and the fact that it was here in the middle of fields in a country that tries to ignore the significance that the culture upholds.Jay kinda upped the finger to Noel Gallagher who spoke out about him headlining the festival by performing Oasis’s joint Wonderwall as he opened his set. He didn’t change anything about the track but the crowd knew exactly what Jay was up to :-))Punjabi MC, Amy Winehouse and the Prodigy were all embraced by Jay during his set to the appreciation of the crowds. International Hov came with his A Game that was for sure this weekend.Back to the concert…more to follow. And all this after watching Amy Winehouse kill an hour long set.