Remember when Jeezy was on his Mr. 17.5 sh*t and Pimp clowned him for his suspect prices on keys of blow?  That is why Pimp was so necceary for the game.  You need someone out there questioning these d-boy rappers supposed prices.  Now Jeezy is saying he has them for 30K so apparently the commodity of cocaine has become more valuable.  Good to know.  This is tough even if Jeezy’s ex-homie Blood Raw doubts his credibility.  I must say that USDA mixtape grew on me, but your boy Jeezy still has to deal with the fact his new nemesis, Rick Ross, pretty much came to fame by making Young Jeezy records better than Young Jeezy.  Word to “B.M.F.“.

Young Jeezy ft Freddie Gibbs “Stripes (Run D MC)”