|  January 21, 2009


Young Jeezy follows a long line of entertainers, particularly Hip-Hop stars to attach themselves to an alcoholic beverage. Obviously companies such as Belvedere who Jeezy has linked with sees the potential that successful rappers such as the Atlanta celeb can bring to the table. The partnership has encouraged a list of shows throughout the US in March and a brand new website.
In a statement Jeezy expressed his pleasure at the union and said “I’m excited to work with Belvedere, it’s my vodka,” he said. “We have developed a platform called ‘America Reborn’ — they support me as an artist, and share my creative vision. I’ve always known the Belvedere brand represents quality, creativity and self-expression. I see a lot of similarities in what they are doing and feel at home with them.”
Let’s just hope that Belvedere don’t go all Cristal on Jeezy in a couple of months.