I thought this was an interesting little video. Obviously Jha Jha is disgruntled, but she is the first person to admit that, and managed to articulate some valid points and remain calm.  Basically her point is that this whole Dipset reunion is all about money.  She claims that none of those guys actually like each other, but their money is low, so they joined forces again for some paper.  Now obviously Jim & Cam aren’t claiming to be anywhere near broke, but they have been pretty honest with the reunion being all about money.  However, the keenest observation that I felt Jha Jha made was on Jim.  She has a point that ever since Jim’s writing team made up of her, Stack Bundles, and Max B was dismantled Mr. Jones hasn’t really done any “big” records.  Plus the money has to be drying up for those guys.  They may be hot in the streets, but they ain’t hot in retail.  Tons of people listen to that Cam/Jim sh*t, but if you haven’t noticed all the hype is from music they gave away for free.  People talk about their mixtapes and not their albums.  I’m sure a lot of their bread is coming from “walk throughs” at clubs, because these guys aren’t exactly The Roots when it comes to live shows.  So check out what Jha Jha has to say, and feel free to add your two cents on the Dipset reunion in the c-section.  Also be sure to cop there fire reunion song “Salute” produced by the most valuable commodity Dipset has right now, araabMusik.

Also scope Jim’s new video for “Shootouts” with some cameos from Cam, Juelz, Zeekey & even The Diddler himself.



  • BigWig

    Ok, so here's my question. Rashaan's post on Rozay is all about how Rick Ross is fake smoke and mirrors, isn't what he raps about, but he's entertaining. He constructed a front so can entertain the people, and build himself into a multi-million dollar brand. Isn't Dipset doing the same thing in a different forum? Who cares if they don't like each other? it's entertainment

  • R Cobia

    Yeah, but Rick Ross' skill is sharpened to the point that he can pull it off. Dipset just isn't relevant anymore. Don't get me wrong. If I had nothing better to do I'd probably go see them in concert. But not before I'd go see Ross. Badge and all. He should come out on stage in full uniform and perform all his best songs. I bet people would go even crazier. Sorry for the tangent I just went off on… Goes to show you how irrelevant Dipset really are.. But hey.. That's just my opinion.