Damn this holiday bs has me missing out on major goss. Some of y’all may have heard about this already and if you have sorry for the delay but hey family first and all that right? Anyhooo my loyal source in NYC heard whispers that the legendary Louis Vuitton store on Fifth had the potential to turn into something of a boxing ring the other day when Jim Jones decided to go at Ne Yo and his alleged road manager who were in store doing a lil xmas shopping. The irony of this is that the whole thing was a case of mistaken identity. Jim actually thought that Ne Yo’s road manager was Jigga’s BBF Ty Ty with whom he had a beef with. But it wasn’t Ty Ty, it was in fact his older brother, who is in fact Ne Yo’s manager and when you see them beside each other you can understand why Jimmy made the mistake.
Anyhow I don’t think things got too out of control but I am sure Louis Vuitton staff were not expecting this sort of fracas in their store. Will Louis be joining Cristal in the boycott of Hip-Hop in the future? Maybe that’s why Kanye is looking to intern with the fashion house just to make sure he got his feet under the table before the plug is pulled.

  • JamesSiam

    Whats wrong with Jim lately. He keeps getting into fights and getting barred from various establishments.

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    Jim wants attention from anywhere he can get it…….Jim aint hood no more……Nigga went hollywood

  • dAtbOIdAn

    lil jimmy jus needs a hug