By: Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      No matter what you may think about Dipset’s Jim Jones, you can’t hate the dude for doing his part in encouraging kids to stay in school. In a partnership with the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance, Jones will be judging and participating at the “Achieve Your Dreams” Poetry Contest Grand Finale on Wednesday, January 24 at the Magic Johnson Theatre in Harlem. For the contest, students were asked to write a poem about how they will achieve their dreams they way Jones is now achieving his.

      “I am very excited about this event; we received hundreds of poem submissions from students from around the city and narrowed it down to the finalist,” Jones said. “I just want students to know that they can be anything they want to be if they believe they can. I am happy that I can make a difference.”

The grand prize winner of the contest will be awarded a book stipend to pay for all books for the first year of college and summer internship working directly with Jim Jones and Diplomat Records. Five runner-ups will meet and greet Jim Jones at the event and receive a personal autographed poster.

  • shadwifey

    at least he doing good and not smokin weed

  • Spooky

    do it up jim jones. one hundred

  • Tima

    Good this is what we need the black communtiy to spet out again in the politcal world. Good for you Jim Jone keep doing your thing! Tima