Jim Jones Getting Sued By Video Hoes…

 |  February 11, 2011

The whole problem is that the video hoes never consented to being video hoes.  Check to video in question here.  According to the NY Daily News:

  • Harlem rapper Jim Jones is being sued by a pair of Houston hotties over their R-rated romp in his new “Summer Time” video.Samantha Stotts and Sharie Johnson have some topless fun in the sun during the raunchy clip, which shows the rapper sipping Champagne and counting $100 bills surrounded by scantily clad beauties.

    “It makes me look like I’m a ho,” Stotts said.

    The two women were on a sexy South Beach getaway when Jones and his posse began filming them as they romped topless in the sand and surf.

    The pair never thought the footage would end up on the Internet.

    “I don’t have a problem with rap-video girls,” Johnson said. “But I never wanted to do this.”