Did Henchman really try to out run the feds?  Dude is too old for that type of sh*t.  Take it like a man and deal with the consequences of your alleged actions.  Not saying this guy is guilty of anything, but I’m pretty confident he is shady.  According to The NY Post:

Rosemond, owner of Czar Entertainment, is expected to be arraigned later this afternoon in Brooklyn Federal Court.
Rosemond, 46, who manages singers Brandy and Akon, was accused this past May of being involved in a cocaine distribution ring.
The hip-hop mogul spotted the agents at about noon as he walked out of the W Hotel in Union Square, sources said.
Once on the street, Rosemond walked north and tried to outrun the agents until he was finally arrested on 21st Street and Park Avenue South.


  • Ddot

    ya betta run forest, run forest, run #juvenilevoice