By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      John Legend’s last album “Once Again,” was a laidback, adult-oriented album, but it looks like he’s heading back to the hip-hop sound of his first album. In an interview with Billboard, Legend said that he plans on working with Kanye West again, plus Pharrell Williams and has already done a few tracks with

      "We’re really just starting," Legend told Billboard. "I’m usually pretty prolific and pretty quick with my output, so I’m guessing I’ll be done with it by the end of the spring and put it out either late summer or early fall. That’s what I’m headed towards."

      Legend is also working on promoting and pushing his new label, Homeschool Records and his first artist on the label Estelle, whose album is due out in February.

      "I was very involved with the whole thing,” Legend said. “I wrote with her on just about every track and … made a lot of key decisions when it came to track selection, producers, getting the right people involved. I treated it almost like it was my own."

      Legend also signed his little brother, Anthony Vaughn, who is also a singer, and up and coming rapper, Diggy.