JoJo is seriously trying to come back with her third album (I didn’t even know she had a second album). I honestly am sold. I was a fan of hers when I was in highschool, but then it ended. She, in my opinoin, fell off. However JoJo took Drake’s latest “Marvin’s Room” and killed it! I didn’t know she had all that experience that she boosts about in the song, but she went in! She does it for the ladies and gives us a drunken-phone-call anthem without being corny.

Here some of the lyrics and for JoJo I will say these are kind of raw.

I’ma send a sexy picture
To remind you what you’ve given up

Fuck that new girl that you like so bad
She’s not crazy like me I bet you like that
I said fuck that new girl that’s been in your bed
And when you’re in her I know I’m in your head
I mean, I’m just saying you can do better
Always turned you out every time we were together

Listen to the track below.

JoJo “Marvin’s Room”