By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

For anyone not keeping up with the Saigon and Atlantic Records situation, here’s a quick recap. Just Blaze scored a label deal with Atlantic Records and launched his label, Fort Knocks Entertainment almost two years ago. The first artist Blaze signed was Saigon and plans for his debut album, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, was initially scheduled to be released in early 2006. the album never came out and is still waiting for a release date. Frustrated, Saigon indicted Atlantic Records was the reason for the hold up of the album and not him. He called Atlantic the home of “ringtone making artists” and threatened to leak his album online. Now Just Blaze, gaining internet fame with his new blog at, has responded to Saigon’s claims saying the real hold up is a sample clearance issue.

“We (myself and Saigon) just had a short meeting about this the night before (Saigon’s blog post) and you know exactly what is happening and who is working on what, why would you go out and slander the company  he runs in the middle of him trying to negotiate something on YOUR behalf?” Blaze wrote. “It’s kinda like going out and sleeping with your lawyer’s wife the night before he’s about to represent you for a murder case. You’re asking to get buried.”

Blaze also goes into detail about the entire sample clearance process and even announces that he charges between $50,000 to $80,000 for a beat. He also goes after Atlantic Records for not supporting Saigon.

“How do I feel about Atlantic?” He wrote. “I have mixed feelings about certain things. I DO feel 100% that once it picked up the little bit of steam it had, they should have gotten behind "Pain In My Life" Regardless of whether or not they thought it was a great song or understood it. That record got Saigon spins on Hot 97, rotation on BET, a FULL WEEK of hosting Rap City (who else has that? 50 i think?) and MTV exposure. And that’s without a single person  pushing a button on it in the building.”

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  • sorrowful aura

    first and who cares saigon greatest song was telling me as a blood to sweep it under the rug and GIVE A NIGGA A was iight till them brab niggas wanted to touch butts n what not…but back on topic..saigon is inbetween mixtape artist and mainstream thats why atlantic isnt to sure about him.