I’m not one for podcasts these days. However Just Blaze is one of my favorite producers ever so I was compelled to listen. He retells his experiences to Hypemen (TheReal’s Rosenthal brothers and Jensen Karp)  on his dealings with Dipset, Kanye’s beginnings, Jay-Z and his work on The Black Album as well as what Jay Electronica is up to among other topics. It’s pretty long so feel free to skip around for the most interesting bits.

Now the big elephant in the room was the inevitable question behind the Roc A Fella fallout: namely Just’s deteriorating relationship with Dame. Here’s a snippet.

Dame was very difficult, we had a huge falling out. It was funny because the beginning of the end for me was when we [were all on the radio] on Power I think. He likes to snap on people. I was already hesitant on doing the show and as soon as I [get in] he starts snappin’. Like talkin about he taught me how to dress and blah blah blah. So I started snappin’ back at him. I guess they really weren’t prepared for that because I snapped at him from an angry place. Like you ain’t gonna get me on the radio and put me on blast in front of millions of people. And then we started getting at it. Somehow we got out of that.

It kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. But at the same time when my pops died he was probably one of the only people that really pulled me to the side and was talking to me about it and trying to be there just on the friendly tip. I think a lot of that had to do with him losing Aaliyah because I think it was around the same time. So he was coming from a place like ‘Yo, I can relate. I just lost somebody’. That was really real because everyone else was like ‘Yo my condolensces’ and kept it moving. He was the only one who really tried to make sure if I was OK.

So it was weird to see that side of him and then see the total unnecessarily arrogant side of him come into play…

Rumor mongering isn’t my style. Nevertheless it was interesting to hear things from Just’s perspective. He went on about Dame and his behavior from that point and how things continued to sour between the two of them. Personally it’s really a “my word against yours”  game since the Roc fell so long ago. But it’s cool insight considering Just was right in the middle of the label’s implosion. On the whole this podcast, while long, has tons of music trivia you can flip through. Give it a listen via the links provided.

Via Hypemen