Justin Beiber…I Got Hoes On My D*ck!

 |  January 20, 2011

I don’t know much about this Jarren Benton besides the facts that these songs, this artwork, and his album name are all phenomenal.  His project Huffing Glue With Hasselhoff is hitting itunes on the 25th.  The whole project is produced by the SMKA crew who is kinda killing it right now.

Jarren Benton ft Elz Jenkins “Justin Beiber” (prod. Kato)


Here is another crack (ya I used crack as an ajedctive in 2011, What!) joint off the project, but this Beiber joint steals the show.

Jarren Benton “Get A Load of Me”




    track is actually produced by Kato (@KatoProducer), its just on the SMKA project.

  • Jimjones

    nice post dude. this track is actually ILL…”my chain got bruce leroy glow” LOL