Kalae All Day

 |  April 25, 2010


I’ve been hearing the name Kalae for a few months now but she actually reached out to me on Twitter with her brand spanking debut video “O.G LyrikalBookbagger” off the debut album called AfromatikNeoHippieRock*SoleMuzik.  Now if that’s not a mouthful- what is! It dropped about a month ago. It’s fresh.  So for a fairly new artist- just 21- barely 2 years on the scene- Kalae has made a splash and she’s rising fast!  She’s very active on the blogging- check out Kalae

Very talented- Kalae blends and fuses Soul, Electronic and Hip Hop into one- a melting pot and it works!

Check the video featuring ‘that tall dude’- Homeboy Sandman. Directed by Mark Carranceja for NoiseMaker Media.

Of course I knew before even watching this it would be hot– I love anything Homeboy Sandman related.


So the album’s fresh- features Mic Wilson, Princess Superstar, Homeboy Sandman, Baxter Wordsworth, & Likwuid.  And if that’s not hot- the album release party was at Body and Soul Tattoo last month- now why wasn’t I invited!!!