By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      By now everyone has heard about the interview where 50 Cent said that if Kanye West’s album outsells his album when they both drop on September 11 that 50 would retire and no longer release albums. Kanye responded to the 50 comment during U.K. talk show Friday Night Project.

      “I really like 50,” Kanye said. “I don’t want him to retire once my album sells the most. Let me say this, please 50, do not retire once my album sells and beats your album! Please, do not retire, please! I like his songs, I’m a big fan!”


  • sunshine86

    50 cent sucks and kanye west will outsell him and I will help by buying a copy of kanye’s album. GGGGGG-Unit is officially dead sept 11, 2007

  • Yunghood

    ni99a if i was 50, i would retire whether or not Kanye sells more. . his grankids grankids is sittin on dollars(jae Millz) so why he need to rap?

  • calm (BK ALL DAY)

    i hope u do big no#
    ye,u the truth.

  • dopa4

    man 50 gonna out sell kanye um srry but 50 firsts album did 11 mill and his second did 8 mill c’mon even haters gotta know 50 gonna sell more

  • Hidden_In_Tha_Dark

    50 cent needs to sit his no rappin behind down somewhere!!! He’s always actin like a little chickenhead!!! He needs to retire regardless.

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    50 is a wrap!!!!

  • LeJonThaLegend

    GGGG-unot, its about time 50 retires

  • Barnaby M. Willow

    the man known for beef claims he will retire but u kno he wont most likly wayne will be at his neck and in one of his responses to wayne he will get at kanye.its sad but dont it seem like 50 is runnin wit a torch that aint lit

  • crack dude

    50 Cent is on the downside of his career and as a 50 fan I hope this CD is da shit. But 50 should’nt and won’t retire because he will outsell Kanye because he has more fans than Kannye.

  • kidsprings


  • byrodabeast44

    50 career been over since game killed g unit. how many people really digged the massacre….. oh ok kid wack now wayne bout to put him out fa good

  • DeadPoo1

    4 years and he plans on retiring, i thought he was the general. Oh well, bring on 9 Diagrams and Cubin Linx 2.

  • str8rider

    fif is the man. dude doesnt need to make another album. however, im buying it!!!

  • bossad

    50 second album sold 6mil copies dumb ass

  • playah

    50 got shot 9 times. that niggah need a hug then retire.YUP

  • dopa4

    man 50 gonna out sell kanye um srry but 50 firsts album did 11 mill and his second did 8 mill c'mon even haters gotta know 50 gonna sell more