First 50 does a track with Soulja Boy and now KANYE. Its either two things the world has gone mad and thinks Soulja Boy is legit or Soulja Boy is paying serious cake to work with these artist. Peep what Kanye Wrote on his twitter:
Really KANYE? a Genius??

  • TheLL6

    yall hate too damn much

  • Coolchris1914

    The lyrical craft of the game has been lost when you call someone like souljaboy a genius. Not hating or even made at his grind but his music is straight GARBAGE.

  • yardwork

    that nigga IS a fucking genius, nigga…

    “She got a Donk” changed the fucking game and made a million teen girls of all races pop they pussy on youtube. lol well maybe he is more an idiot savant..hahahaa….

  • Blahblah

    lol u funny nigga

  • cholow vega

    Hell Naw!! somethings being set up for this ish to happen 4real sum cataclismic finna go down!!