Kanye West Is Engaged To Kim Kardashian

 |  October 22, 2013

Kanye and Kim are officially engaged.

West reportedly popped the question to his better half in front of friends and family at AT&T Park in San Francisco, which he rented out for the night. Nice to see Kanye kept it lowkey and personal.

  • Anonymous

    jocking jay-z…stop jocking jay-z…!!!

  • nowwhat

    That would have been mighty embarrassing if Kim had said no.

  • lagdameo

    I do wish them the best. Let’s not hate.

  • wash

    I do hope they stay married more than 72 days.

  • Sharon

    Kim’s getting married again. In two weeks, Kim’s getting divorced again.

  • row10

    It’s difficult to take this news seriously. I mean I think Kim is better off not married, especially to someone like Kanye.