• Burn-n-bounce

    finally you do something useful. Just post music asswipe.


    Yo this shit is CRAZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shameful

    Disrespected Otis Redding with those wack ass drums.

  • Buttah

    Dude get your head out of your ass first off the sample doesnt require smackin ass drums and obviously it was meant to sound like that. Second of all its a radio rip. Third of all you probably know nothing about otis redding. Fourth of all you cant be serious this shit is crack if you aint boppin your head to this you got no soul. They coulda gone harder lyrically but this shit is fire go bump some drake or something get the fuck outta here. Disrespecting Otis redding man shut up.

  • 913

    Man are you guys are fucking either deaf or just too stuck on this kiddy rap bullshit. This shit scorching hot.