I`m not going to say that a female deserves to be beat down, I’m not a woman hater like that but when your main goal in life is to try to benefit from destroying other peoples reputations and careers because of your inner daddy issues bad things happen. According to various sources Kat Stacks caught quite a beat down but some are reporting it differently, one report claims that 50 people dressed in black jumped Kat Stacks in broad daylight. She was in ATL going to a studio called Euro South trying to rap. I have a feeling that report came from her camp because it doesn’t take 50 people to take down a 110lb female. Another report is some dudes from either Bow Wows crew or Fabolous` crew slapped her up in the club. That one sounds more like it.

I took some tweets from Ihatekatstacks twitter and it seems like they are trying to spread the fact that she got the beat down but that may be her manager (by the way if you`re Kat Stacks manager you need to rethink your career choices). I would say get better but I rather feel like saying now you learned your lesson for talking sh*t.

  • lord_devious

    fuck women and fuck that cunt. she REALLY deserved it… women don't ever give a fuck about what they say or do til some shit jumps off. 'Fuk did you expect, dumbass?

  • real nigga

    on some real shit though..it dnt matter if ya male or female..if ya runnin ya god damn mouf all god dam day..wat da fuck u think goin happen..u goin run into da wrong nigga and dey goin fuck ya ass up…