Kat Stacks attempt at being superhead # 2 failed so what is her plan b? Why exposing her self in her new video of course! I guess she graduated from jump off to adult film star. Check out these screenshots from her latest video. I would post it but Im just so annoyed by hearing her voice I wouldn’t dare.


  • Sauce

    whats the linkk for the videoo?…

  • Dee

    This chick is a dumb hoe that cant do anything with her life but try to get off on celebrities….she prolly is a burnt up, dry bitch that aint got nothing going for herself…shit, look at her boob job, theyre lopsided…dumb ass bitch. Its chicks like this that give REAL WOMEN a bad name….dumb groupie bitch

  • 88s Very Own

    So can we have a link or some'n cuz I can't pull thiz shyt up phor nun…!