By: Hot Gossip Gal

Kay Slay Beefing With His Strip Club Buddy

      Ok so he has no beef with Dre all of a sudden, but he now has beef with Busta. What this translates to is..Kay dissed Dre, Busta who is signed to Dre got a telling off internally and told Slay to check himself and now Slay is mad at Busta for siding with Dre. What do you think? Slay stands united with Pap though…well yeah I mean someone has to I guess..but on the real..Slay be frothing at the mouth about a lot of people lately..including his own artists so its like whatever

Jay Z and Beyonce are Engaged?

      Damn I am so so tired of this..but rumor has it that there are a couple of mentions on the up and coming American Gangsta Album where Jay quotes ‘Beyonce is the Fiancee.’ Ok so it might be true, but on Kingdom Come I remember people hitting me after Lost Ones broke saying they had broke not true…its called creativity. Damn I just have a feeling that ‘Beyonce is the fiance’ will become as popular as ‘I am the Mike Jordan of Recording’.