By: Ari Goldstein

On air during his Shade 45 Sirius Streetsweeper Radio Show, DJ Kay Slay expressed extreme anger at Koch Records for not paying him his monies due under contract. The infamous Street Sweeper stated, "I’m about to roll a steamroller over their fucking heads…they’re trying to pull fucking scams when it comes to paying…back end money.  Alan Grunblatt [Koch Records GM] is playing dirty pool. I’m going to make their life miserable.  I’m gonna use every fucking outlet I’ve got to bury your fucking ass."

Kay Slay then called Dipset’s Cam’ron who made the anti-Koch campaign formal stating, "We’re about to make a real public statement against Koch." Cam’ron said. "At the end of the day they gotta really give up what they owe to people."



    thats real they dont be handling they biz, they just pretend like they havea label..I know cuz I used to work there…they dont give a fukk about hiphop…



  • geemack

    bum asses

  • PR3M1UM

    what happened everybody was so happy with the situation over at koch records…everytime you turned around somebody was gloating about how they makin’ 7 dollars per cd and shit…but when are they gonna realize that 90% of these labels are shady and dont give a fuck about them