Kelis speaks with #1 hip-hop blogger Perez Hilton (I’m being sarcastic in case you’re retarded), about her relationship with Nas post-divorce.  I mean how can she be mad at a guy who pays her 50K a month just to get f*cked by other dudes?  I would prefer to hear Nas’s perspective on the situation.  I hate this chick merley for the fact she’s jerking Nas like like.  She could get 15K a month and live super comfortable.  RR.



  • Cilvaringz1

    ur comment is right on point,i dont no y NAS even married this fucking trick!!

  • lord_devious

    Kelis really is a piece of shit…

  • bluray

    Kelis said her milk shake bring all the boys to the yard, then nas went and tattooed the bitch on his arm

  • Carlito Bragonti

    Kelis is the biggest piece of shit in this world………..