By: Rizoh

      Kelly Rowland is known for making hits with Destiny’s Child. She’s now known for taking one…on the floor, that is. Ms. Kelly collapsed onstage while performing in Lagos, Nigeria.

      According to her rep, dehydration was to blame for the incident; Kelly was performing outdoors in the sun. She was rushed to a Lagos hospital, where we assume the Doctor prescribed a glass of water and sent home.

      The 26-year old R&B star was in Nigeria to plug her new album, Ms. Kelly. The event was also part of Nigeria’s ThisDay Music Festival, which featured additional performances by Shakira and Rihanna

      Kelly Rowland is now on her way back to Houston, TX, where there’s an infinite supply of cold water.

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    Eat some food bitch. Thats what you get for letting Michelle fall on BET. Fuck Kelly

  • scoj

    Hey Rizoh, Nigerians arent that ignorant or behind…houston is even hotter than Lagos, Read some book…Ignorance is a problem.

  • moneyoverbitches

    ha ha ha stop trying to be like B eat some real food stop eating that doller menu

  • Thick-Daddy

    Michelle falls on BET…Kelly falls stage in Nigeria….well I guess Ms. HOva will be fallin somewhere around MSG…

  • payback tyme records

    rizoh is an asshole for throwing all that sarcasm at Nigeria. it is not as hot as Texas here. we have some of the best medical doctors in the world here. it truly pays to be informed

  • libralover1

    lol damnnnn

  • mississippian

    That boy Carlito said it all, ha ah ha ha ha ah ha ha h aha h aha ha ha aaaaaaaaaaa

  • libralover1

    lol damnnnn