Kelly Rowland, the other Destiny’s Child, definitely stepped it up in her track “Motivation.” Not only is it a victorious step away from David Guetta and all that pop music, it is actually has all the ingredients for a good song (not a GREAT one, but a good one).

Yesterday, Kelly premiered the video for “Motivation.” We all knew Kelly could sing and definitely dance but this video is definitely a display of her unfrequented talent. Kelly provides all the required eye-candy for any video hip-hop related but she maintains a lot of class without showing too much. Snaps to you, Kelly.

However, I have to be honest, I often found it hard to keep watching. I still give Kelly some props for a comeback but she definitely needs to come up with something more unique to keep up with her competitors. The feature with Lil’ Wayne was a smart choice, but I think Kelly needs to come up with something more appealing.

  • Peteypablo2301

    This is by far her worse song. The music drags and the lyrics are trashy. And the reaching for the high notes…awful. KR isn't known as a sex symbol so the song doesn't work for her at all. She's trying to sell something she doesn't have. Put it this way, even Lil Wayne couldn't save this song from being garbage.