I could go on for days on how having a father or positive father figure around shouldn’t be a privilege. But I’ll let Kendrick tell it from his own experiences growing up. He’s been vocal about his father’s guidance before but his stance in this recent interview on The Come Up Show is worth highlighting.

Kids have to be held accountable for their actions.  They also need someone there to make them wise up. A lot of people can’t be bothered with such responsibility. Therefore the child or teenager usually won’t know better until they pay a huge price for their recklessness. It’s a shame but the aforementioned case repeats itself numerous times from coast to coast.

More importantly, in many of these instances, the father and/or responsible parental figure(s) willing to keep the youth on a straight and narrow path, can’t be found. Obviously economic and social factors come into play. Nevertheless, absent guardians in these cases not a coincidence; it’s a troubling trend across all backgrounds and needs to be ironed out. For all we know Kendrick could’ve been a statistic without elders, his father especially, telling him right from wrong. That’s not to say you’re destined to be a rapper if you have people caring for you. But you’ll at least increase your likelihood to provide for yourself with the right support.

I’m trying my best not to get wrapped up in his “image” since I don’t know him personally.  However I can respect his gratefulness for having his pops around. I’m fortunate for having a similar bond with my father as well and hope to follow in his foot steps.

Unrelated: He also likes to make small talk with MTV reporters over Mexican food. The boy’s as wise as he is worldly.

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    he ripped dat song at da end, he's up there on Lupe, Cudi,Common, them cats