Keyshia Got an Attitude

 |  October 3, 2007

Keyshia Got an Attitude

      Damn homegirl can’t have been happy getting out of bed listening to the audio of this interview. Check out Keyshia on the Big Phat radio show which airs down in Baltimore, 92Q. This thing with Jeezy gotta be taking its toll on Keyshia. Anyhow seems things were ironed out anyway. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Derek Jeter Hits a Home Run Again

       If there is one man in sport that is guaranteed a grade A female on his arm it is Derek . Looks like he scored again as he has been linked to actress Gabrielle Union.

  • LordSha

    Keyshia Cole sounded like she sniffing too much of that snow man and I ain’t talking about Jeezy. She needs to learn more about getting more educated and taking care of business because the hood act can take you in R&B so far! Oh Yeah fuck u bullshit keeping it real in music people grow the fuck up and keep it real by bring jobs and respect to our communities and I’m talking about no fucking 99 cent toys, one plate BBQ, or some fucking turkey’s!

  • booUTF

    She look lyke she on crack n dat picture wat tha fuck happen baby u need 2 b stressing ova dat dude get @ me


    man i think it was to fuckin early she sound like she need som purp shit morning shows start at 7 so i know she had to be up at 6 come on now do no black person like to get up after travelin everywhere but i do know she need to stop sayin she better than mary cause she can’t sing live