Trina spoke on how she felt about her recently leaked nude pics and explained her mystery rash was just hives, you can read about that here. Thug Misses Khia (remember her from My Neck, My Back) took to twitter to pop off at the Trina situation and she was less than nice about it:
Now I Told Yall Last Week About Freaks Taking Naked Pics Wit They Cell Phone Now K-Trina Down Got Caught Show Casing Her Infected Ass P*$$y

Rash My A$$ That Bitch Skins Raised Up Like Death Becomes Her Run For Ur Life That Sperm He Skeeted On Her Had To Much Acid Burn That Whore

Its Eating Her From The Inside Out Just Imagine How Many Nigaas Women And Children She Gone Take Out With Her Lawd Have Mercy

To Many Differnt Sperms That Trick Had A Allergic Reation Yea Right Now That We All Lets Protect Ourselves Please

I Repeat Now That We All No Lets Stop F***ing Hoes Like Hurricane K-Trina And Buffy The Vampire Slayer Oh So Not Delishious KillerPinky Ect.

I Been Called A Bitch But Never Called A Hoe My Tittes My Sag But My P*$$y s In Tact Snap Back Like Rubberbands Fresh Fully Clean Zest Yessss

Now Yall C Y I Retired From Hip Hop These Hoes Losen They Damn Minds Ass Shots Done Went To Damn Far Infected D***s Everwhere

Im So Happy My Hair So Nappy My A$$ Its Real I Dont Pop Pills My Man Aint Leanin P*$$y Aint Leaking Yesss So Damn Bad

That Trick Got That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Real Queens Do Not Take Pictures Of The P*$$y With They Camera Phones Sendin Them Out 2 Niggas Chile Boo Now Look At Ya