Kid Cudi Starts Over…In A D*ckhead Way

 |  February 25, 2011

This is why I f*ck with Kid Cudi.  Just telling it how it is.  He’s on that celebrity wave and it was time for him to show the deuces to the d*ckriders.  Can’t be mad at that.  Sometimes you gotta clean up shop.  This move is almost as cool as the time he said he wasn’t f*cking with Wale musically.




  • Porter

    I remember when u use to work in the bape store nigga. Stop it.

  • iHipHop Sam

    But now he doesn't. What are doing with YOUR life? Commenting on blog posts. You're clearly the man.

  • Johnny apollo

    U notice how u said used to he obviously doin it for a reason quit hatin porter

  • Coolcypeoneslf

    He's a pussy ass mother fucker thats why he handle himself like a bitch as drama queen, wanna be kanye!!! Wasnt he gonna do rock music? I hate cocky niggas that are viginas in real life. What u mad about u already made it insecure homo!!

  • STAX


    So what the nigga is living his dream while your sitting at your computer reading about him.

    Does it really fuckin matter what he does? if so how the fuck does it effect you? it doesnt so shut that crybaby shit up