Remember when Kid Cudi and Wale squashed their so called “beef” via twitter? It appeared as though they had set aside their differences, but the vagueness of their exchange left fans wondering Is There Any Love between the two that could spark another Cudi Wale collaboration. Well Indeed there is. Wale chopped it up with MTV and in addition to discussing his falling out and reconciliation with Cudi, he revealed that the Wizard will make an appearance on a song called “Focused” which will be featured on Wale’s upcoming album Ambition.

While previewing his album for select media outlets, Wale dropped hints about the collaborator — a friend of his that lived in Brooklyn while he was living in SoHo — on the song he was about to play last.

“We’re 23 years old at this time, we’re trying to figure it all out,” Wale told MTV News. “We went from not having sh– to having money at our disposal, so it kind of f—ed up our friendship. He doesn’t smoke as much anymore, but his name is Scott.”

Wale also conveyed his excitement as well as his confidence regarding the song by saying “This is like the best top 40 non-cheesy record that you’re ever going to hear in your life.