Kimora Loses It

 |  January 29, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Alicia Keys celebrated her 27 th birthday here in NYC last week at the comfy club BED. The party took an unexpected turn down the drama lane when Kimora Lee Simmons had a rather exaggerated outburst right after the gang had sang Happy Birthday to Alicia, a gang which included Clive Davis, Missy and of course bf Kerry Brothers. The outburst allegedly came after a woman who KL-S claims is stalking her invaded the diva’s personal space. KS-L was heard to be screaming "Get out of
my face, bitch!" The party carried on but I don’t think Kimora was in line for a goodie bag when leaving the party as Alicia totally ignored her.

  • Caine The Bo$$ Bitch

    She’s a little open between the ears anyway, I don’t doubt it.

    I’m surprise yall not gossipin bout Tip and Tiny havin their 2nd baby and gettin married this year…hmmm

  • Hot Gossip Gal

    check out the ‘love is in the air’ story on Jan 2nd..I talked about Tip and Tiny back then

  • Tony GT

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICIA KEYES!!! even though i dont know her lol. whoa, that cake looks expensive!! heheh…