Kreayshawn Addresses The Kreayshawn Effect

 |  July 25, 2011


So Kreayshawn addresses the situation she is currently in.  I think what she has to say is pretty on point.  I think her main frustration is that people confuse her friend V-Nasty’s use of the N word with her use of the N word.  Via her Tumblr:

Blah blah blah. Yeah I’m that “White Rapper” chick everyone is talking about these days. I always used the internet but, I never thought I’d see the day the internet uses me. People are using me to listen to, enjoy, fantasize over, imitate, celebrate and even start political conflict. Oh how the days have changed. But, as a real person it just kinda amazes me. People always ask me if this was something I ever dreamed of one day. Well in my mind, I dreamed of being a happy socialite that everyone wanted to hang out with. If anything I am well on my way to that. My creative-ness was something I only shared with my friends at the time and to see it blow up and to even be nominated for Best New Artists for the VMA’s this year is a blessing. Friends knew I would be something “different” I even had a few that bet on their lives I would be famous one day.

As early as it is in this ‘Kreay Game I just wish everyone was educated on my REAL background instead of listenin’ to fake bloggers or whatever people conjure up in their own lonely minds. I am a artist that has made art in 93847539 different kinds of mediums. I just wanna share it all with everyone OK!? No big deal right?

Especially the thing with people gettin’ me mixed up with V-Nasty and HER use of the N-word. It has taken a huge toll on what I been trying to do and what I been trying to push. I hope soon people will see the difference between us even though we are still close friends doesn’t mean I use it too or defend it in anyway. The media and blogs have taken the control right out of my hands on that one..

As for making music.. I been so busy with press and traveling.. I think I’ve clocked in at least 100 different interviews. I haven’t even had time to get to makin’ more music.. or pixel art.. film my friends or even wipe my ass correctly sometimes. But, I’m home right now watching my cat sleep. She’s so cute. ANYWAYS, I dont know where I was going with the bloggin’ but, I decided to say something. I am falling in love everyday with all my fans and people who support Kreayshawn and for the people who surround me and know how hard it is juggling friends, family, music, media, disses, lies, work, shows and the lack of time to just sit down and write things down and draw. I have been enjoying every moment of my new life and I think about where I was last year and some of you might even remember.. Sittin’ in my room in East oakland living with my grandpa and ustreaming while me and all my homegirls smoke weed and spazz out.

Nonetheless.. I love y’all and FUCK all the hatin ass hoes. I got more art to make and more moves to make before you can sit here and title me as anything. One day you guys will die laughing that you used to call me ‘The White Girl Rapper’ I will prove to be something bigger and more bad-ass then that.

– Young Kreayshawnti

  • Teddy

    Could care less if she is white, black, green, blue; she is terrible. I am not hating on her hustle, I am hating on her actual skill, there is a difference.