Kreayshawn’s name  is becoming a nuisance to my ears and the more she talks to any media outlet that will listen, the more my deep irritation for her grows. I think Kreayshawn likes to  bring up the “hardships” in her life in order to gain some type of street cred… or maybe to prove her validity in the rap game.

She recently sat down with Women’s Wear Daily to talk about her white girl problems:

“When I was younger, growing up in the ‘hood, being the only white girl, like, there’s time when you’re like shit, it sucks being white, you know?”

The stupidity and self-centered-ness of that statement needs no additional comment. Anyone can clearly see she’s a fan of the pity party. During the interview she wanted to come off as this raging artist who’s oh-so-creative and deep. However looking at her resume, I’m not impressed. She talked her way into film school without a high school diploma (oh the benefits of being a white female in America!). Then eight months later, she ended up dropping out. Apparently she was blamed for the disappearance of a $1000 cable, however she does highlight that there were creative differences (as any artist would.)

“As soon as it came time to do your own projects, I was like, ‘Fuck this. You can’t tell me that my idea sucks… I’m an artist — it’s my ideas.”

She even laments about being confused for Lady Gaga in the street. I’d say, Count your blessings, honey!

Thanks, Jezebel.


  • tmef5

    what a waste of white skin