|  February 23, 2009


So last night saw Beyonce and host Hugh Jackman open the 81st Annual Oscar Presentation Award show in Los Angeles. And in usual Hollywood style, the stars were out in force to present and collect awards. The big winner of the night which is also the most talked about movie right now Slumdog Millionaire, based in the Slums of Mumbai, went on to win eight Oscars including Best Movie and the coveted Best Director Award. The family of the late Heath Ledger were presented with his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in The Dark Knight which will be passed on to his daughter in her Father’s memory, Penny Cruz beat out Taraji P Henson for Best Supporting Actress as the 81st Awards saw a whole load of celebs party until dawn. Beyonce was definitely looking very glam in that outfit as was our Guess Who this week Halle Berry who is pictured here with Alicia Keys and Vanessa Hudgens.


  • Lord Devious

    I fell bad for thinking V. Hudgens is sexy as fuck. Her next to Halle and Alica? Probably 3 of the sexiest women god ever created in this photo for real! I love Taraji too…